25-25 Borden avenue, #219, Long Island City, NY 11101 718-786-5200info@cinematicfightstudio.com

We currently use an open schedule format so you can reserve anytime that that doesn’t conflict with other classes already reserved. You may also schedule to join a class that is already listed on the calendar as long as it doesn’t say (private) or (4/4)

Hover over the events to see their times.

To schedule a class, please send an e-mail to info@cinematicfighstudio.com
with the date and time and class you would like to take or call us at 718.786.5200

(1/4)=1 student attending     (2/4)=2 students attending     (3/4)=3 students attending     (4/4)=full class 4 students     (Private)=Private class, closed to the public     (HOLD)=Time slot and/or class on hold