To schedule a class, please send an e-mail to
with the date and time and class you would like to take or call us at 718.786.5200

Hover over the events to see their times.

To Navigate, Click the “Week” tab on the calendar to see detailed event slots; Click the blue arrows to see next month or weeks

Slots labeled “Open Reservation Film Combat” will turn into any of the following depending who reserves that time first:
  • Basic Film Combat (x/4) JD
  • Weapon Film Combat (x/2) JD
  • BFC+WFC (Private) JD
  • FC Rehearsal (Private)
x = number of students; JD = Initial of person(s) in the class (ex. John Doe); BFC+WFC = Basic Film Combat+Weapon Film Combat; FC = Fight Choreography


(1/4)=1 student attending     (2/4)=2 students attending     (3/4)=3 students attending     (4/4)=full class 4 students     (Private)=Private class, closed to the public